Dolly Parton says tattoos aren’t the reason she always wears long sleeves

Dolly Parton, one of country music’s biggest stars, seems to have a secret up her sleeve. The singer has released over 3,000 songs, won international acclaim at the Grammys, and has been in the Country Music Hall of Fame since 1999. Dolly is still going strong at the age of 73, and there doesn’t seem to be any slowing her down. Not only is she one of the world’s best selling artists, but she’s an accomplished film star too after she turned to acting back in the ‘80s.

She’s still as famous as ever, thanks to new records and the much loved Dollywood theme park built in her honor. Throughout all this time we thought we knew her, but she has been keeping something hidden from her fans. Her arms. For years people have been speculating the reason why, and they think it’s because she’s covered in tattoos. It’s a good theory and if hiding tattoos isn’t the reason for always wearing long sleeves, then what is?

Dolly’s style

For years the world has marveled at how stylish Dolly Parton is because she always brings the rhinestones and glamor to the stage. Although she is known for her fashion, one thing more and more people are beginning to notice is the fact that we haven’t seen her arms in many years.

She doesn’t step out in short sleeves and seems to be keeping something under wraps. This has led to intense speculation about Dolly secretly sporting a bunch of tattoos under her clothes.

The biggest star

When most people think of country music, they think Dolly Parton. She is known worldwide for her singing and the decades of performing have helped make her one of the most popular women on the planet. Of the decades worth of music the star has released there have been some huge hits.

I Will Always Love You, Jolene, and 9 to 5 are the smash hits that brought her to the attention of millions of fans. She has sold over 100 million albums over her career, which is a huge amount considering country music isn’t all that big outside of the USA. It’s fair to say that Dolly knows how to sell a record or two!

The cost of fame

Since making her singing debut back in the ‘60s, Dolly has built a legacy. She has become one of the most famous faces in the world which means there is often a lot of attention on what she’s doing. Privacy is something most celebrities can only dream of having, and Dolly is no different.

She does have one thing that many other celebrities don’t, a pretty clean record and it seems as though she is squeaky clean. Dolly doesn’t get involved in controversies and has been able to keep her private life to herself. That hasn’t stopped people talking, and she has been rumored to have had a feud with Whitney Houston and a love affair.

Playing by her own rules

While many celebs struggle to keep their names out of the headlines Dolly has become a master at avoiding them. The main reason why Dolly’s life isn’t dragged up through the papers is because she knows exactly how to keep her private life just that, private.

For instance, did you know that Dolly has been married to the same man since 1966? She does such a good job of keeping her life under wraps that few people have any idea she’s been shacked up for decades. Her husband doesn’t enjoy the media spotlight, so only spends time with Dolly when they are at their home together, leaving the paparazzi to his loving wife.

The tattoo rumor

Dolly does such a good job of keeping details about her private life to herself, so it’s hard to know what stories to believe. People have been wondering if she has a secret passion for tattoos and that’s the reason why we don’t see her arms.

Most people who get tattoos don’t mind showing them off, but if Dolly is hiding any up her sleeves, she keeps them to herself. Singers often get inked, but Dolly is rumored to love tattoos so much she has covered her arms in them.

In all weathers

People are convincing themselves that Dolly is covered in tattoos because she has been in the public eye for years but always wears something to cover her arms. Come rain or shine Dolly is always sporting her trademark long sleeves.

Even during the hot summers in the southern states, she still has those arms of hers covered up. It has been so long since anyone seen her arms there has to be a reason why she keeps them hidden.

Keeping the mystery alive

Dolly is fully aware of the rumors about her tattoos, but she refuses to confirm or deny if that’s why she’s always covering her arms. It wouldn’t take much for her to let us all know, all she has to do is roll up her sleeves, but the singer keeps denying us.

They say all publicity is good publicity and this extra attention is only going to benefit Dolly. There is no controversy, so it isn’t hurting anyone in her family if she keeps the rumors going a while longer.

Asking the question

One reporter felt as though it was her duty to get to the bottom of Dolly’s tattoos. Savannah Guthrie asked Parton the one question we all wanted to know on Today and the singer was only too happy to answer.

The reporter told Dolly that people had been speculating that the reason why she was covered up all the time was because she had big snake tattoos on her arms. Dolly wasn’t shy in answering, but it wasn’t the response everyone had been expecting from the country music icon.

Shutting the reporter down

After Parton was asked about her tattoos she as quick to shut down the rumors. At least, she shut down the stories of the snake tattoos, claiming those were false. Despite being asked outright about her tattoos, Parton still didn’t lift up her sleeves to put an end to the rumor mill.

All we know for certain, according to Dolly, is that she does not have snake tattoos all along her arms. That means there could still be loads of tattoos on her arms, they just aren’t snakes.

Admitting to tattoos

Dolly did claim her arm wasn’t covered in snakes, but she admits to having some tattoos on her body. She might have thought that giving that little nugget of information was enough to stop people from talking about her arm tattoos, but she was wrong.

As Dolly isn’t afraid to admit to getting tattoos, people now believed more than ever she wouldn’t hesitate to get her arms inked. That means the questions are going to keep on coming for Dolly about her tattoos until she lifts those sleeves.

Covering the past

The tattoos that Dolly did admit to having are there to cover some of the bruises and scarring that hasn’t fully healed. The singer feels as though her fair skin causes any blemishes to show up more prominently, so she covered them up with ink.

For Parton that tattoos are a way of boosting her self confidence, much like they are for most people who get them. Her marks are hidden, but she knows they are there, so this is a way for her to feel better about them.

Tattoos in intimate places

While many people are no doubt intrigued to see the tattoos Dolly Parton does have, she admits they are in intimate places. She doesn’t want to get them out to show the rest of the world and instead saves them for herself and her husband.

Dolly said the tattoos are “mostly for my husband,” so it’s understandable she doesn’t want to share them with everyone. Her tattoos are a good representation of her marriage as she keeps both away from the public eye.

Not for attracting attention

Unlike many other singers, Dolly’s tattoos are not for attracting attention to herself or making a point. Parton says the tattoos she has are not about making a bold statement, but covering up parts of her body she isn’t comfortable with.

She also said that she is not a secret biker chick under her clothes, adding that she doesn’t have the tattoos for that. Thanks to Dolly’s silence on the matter, there is so much mystery and intrigue surrounding her arms and the possible tattoo sleeves.

Showing more than usual

While Dolly has spent many years covering up her arms, finally they were on display for the world to see at the 2019 Grammy Awards. She performed a duet with her goddaughter, Miley Cyrus, and revealed more of her arms than anyone has seen in a very long time.

Parton didn’t fully reveal her arms, but the lacy sleeves she performed in might just put an end to the rumors. The outfit gave everyone a look at her arms, and it seems as though they don’t have any ink on them.

Tricking us all

Although on first look it seems like Dolly’s skin peering through the gaps in the fabric, on closer inspection it might not be. The Los Angeles Times believed Parton was wearing a nude fabric under the white outfit, keeping the skin on her arms a mystery.

If that is the nude material, then it seems the singer is determined to keep her arms under wraps at all costs. With the constant covering up it’s hard to believe she isn’t hiding tattoos.

Fan support

We don’t know for sure if Dolly is covered in tattoos or not, only the singer and the people she trusts the most are in on the secret. While Parton might not have a bunch of tattoos, her fans definitely do, and some choose to get country music’s biggest star inked on their skin.

Her fans have honored her by getting large portraits of Parton on their bodies. Dolly might not have lots of tattoos, but she no doubt supports her fans who pay tribute by devoting their skin to her.

Keeping us guessing

It seems as though Parton is determined to keep us all guessing about her tattoos. She could put a stop to the rumors any time she wants, but so far she chooses not to.

Then again, if she gets asked the question enough times, she might just spill the beans to make sure nobody ever asks her again! Her fans will have to keep on guessing what’s going on under her sleeves as Dolly doesn’t look like she’s going to wear short sleeves anytime soon.

Far from perfect

None of us are perfect. It doesn’t matter if you’re a regular person who works the counter at the mini-mart down the street, or if you’re a country music icon who can sell out stadiums in an instant.

Every human being on this earth has their own share of troubles that they deal with, whether it be physical, spiritual, emotional, or anything else. Dolly Parton is no different, and perhaps this is why people are so intrigued by this story.

Understanding Dolly

The idea that Dolly could be anything close to human is both hard to imagine, and also unequivocally true. This is the dynamic we place on rockstars, and all celebrities for that matter.

We render them practically untouchable, while at the same time they truly are fragile human beings, with vulnerable souls like the rest of us. To learn that Dolly may have some imperfections that we don’t know about appeals to us – because in many way, it helps us identify with her.

Embarrassing moments

Think about any time you’ve ever been embarrassed about something. Perhaps it was a funny haircut, or perhaps you took a hard fall on the floor, or maybe you fumbled through your words during an important speech.

In that moment, you had a choice to make. Either freeze up, or laugh it off and power through. No matter what you did though, that moment of vulnerability is what makes us human. Dolly had to deal with that with her scars on her arm – but for her things were a little different.

Under the spotlight

Dolly might be human like the rest of us, but for her things are still way different – and the reason is obvious. The difference between her and us is that she’s a well known star, and when she walks outside her door, the entire world stares at her.

Paparazzi cameras are around the corner, and she has no choice but to constantly be on her guard. Even if she were to lay low for a while, the second she appears anywhere, people will be wondering what she looks like after so much time.

Does it bother her?

As a result, Dolly had to make a decision. She wanted to cover up a part of her that she didn’t want other people seeing, and that’s totally understandable. She’s perfectly within her right to hide things from us if she so pleases, however much it make confuse us.

And as a result, she only wears long sleeves. And then of course there are the tattoos. But the real question is, does it bother her to always wear those long sleeves? Because if not… them maybe we should tell her we don’t mind the scars?

Hot summer days

All we’re saying is that the summer months can get really hot sometimes. And we’re betting that it’s probably less than ideal to play a summer show in long sleeves.

Something tells us things would be a lot easier for her if she could simply let her arms more loose, and feel freer with her playing. Again, we understand that it’s her decision – but what if she knew that people didn’t care about whatever she might be hiding?

We love her no matter what

It all comes down to this. Dolly Parton is a national treasure for the United States of America. We all love her very much, and her music has, and will always be adored by generations.

The way we see it, she can wear whatever outfit she wants and we’ll stand by her stand. In many ways, Dolly has been very modest about her outfits, and we appreciate her consideration for us. But now it’s time to tell Dolly that she’s more than welcome to not be afraid to show us the scars.

The more concerts the better

Again, none of us are perfect. Dolly knows that, but she also wants to maintain the illusion. We understand it’s all part of the show – but if it’s affecting her ability to be comfortable at a show (especially in the summer), then we think she should wear what feels right.

After all, the world will be a better place the more shows she plays – so anything we can do to further that cause is commended. But until then, we’ll just keep listening to her awesome tunes elsewhere.