Things incoming freshmen should do in the summer before college

Getting over the huge hump that is highschool is not only an achievement but the chance for a fresh start. If high school is all about fitting in, then college is all about expressing yourself. So before embarking on a totally new chapter, here are a few ways to prepare.

Relax a bit

With college comes tons and tons of work. It isn’t a myth that college is a lot more work than high school, so it’s best to relax as much as possible before walking back into academics. It’s not uncommon to party way more during college either so downtime is important before stepping into a fast-paced, high-stress environment. While it’s easy to predict the responsibility that comes with the school-work, many people don’t predict the other responsibilities that come as well. Being in college means a step into becoming more independent, meaning driving, working outside of college and, for some, even living alone. Staying as chilled as possible for as long as possible is the goal.

Things incoming freshmen should do in the summer before college

Go to orientation

People tend to overlook the importance of college orientations. Yes, it is true that sometimes orientations can be cheesy and boring, but take the chance for the sake of getting to know people in the same situation as you. It also takes away the stress of a new environment on the first day. Alternatively, do a self-orientation. Walk from class to class to see how long it takes and find class venues beforehand. Check out some cool hangout spots for cheap and good food or some really good coffee. Most of all: find the best spot in the library. To really achieve means to be spending loads of time there.

Set your calendar

Closer to the time, it is mandatory to set calendar dates. Since there’s no teacher to remind you when this or that is due, it’s best to look out for yourself. Go through important dates – semester dates, exams, study breaks, and so on. While these dates may be subject to change, it’s better to know the general layout of the year than be in the dark. Assignment due dates are also important to staying organized and avoiding becoming overwhelmed. Letting time run away is the worst thing to do when it comes to getting good marks.

Go stationery shopping

Getting cute or professional stationery sets the tone for the notes that will be taken. Now’s the time to go wild – no more stationery lists from school, no more boring books. Get whatever your heart wants and needs, because good notes can be the difference between loving and hating the class. It’s all up to taste, some people love a small notebook and one pen while others love color, brightness, and personalized notebooks.

Things incoming freshmen should do in the summer before college

Get creative with room DIYs

For some, college also means moving to a new room. This is a great opportunity to reinvent your space. A comfortable, stylish can really help with home-sickness. It will also help to create a more relaxing environment for studying, chilling, and sleeping. There are many ways to make a space more personal without painting walls or hanging up pictures. A soft, cute bed cover is the first place to start. Posters are also temporary ways to spice up the walls. Candles, although kind of cliche, are awesome mood changers and a great way to do aromatherapy too.