Apps that college students should not live without

When our parents were studying at college, they didn’t have half of the useful resources that we can take advantage of nowadays. While they had to write everything the old fashioned way and spend hours in the library trying to find the right research in the right book, studying nowadays is so much easier. We have Google, for a start! While many of us try not to rely too heavily on modern technology to pass our exams, we know that there are some apps out there that will make life just that little bit easier. Here are the ones no college student should be without.


This is the ultimate note-taking app, and we defy any student to be without it! You can take clippings from online articles, write your own notes, create to-do lists, add images and create your own scrapbook of learning. It really is the ultimate tool for any student, and you’ll find that a lot of businesses use it too, meaning it’ll come in handy after college life. It’s available cross-device, so you can sync your notes to your phone, tablet, and computer.


It’s no secret that the secret to cramming before exams is flashcards. However, we all want to save the planet, so forget bits of paper and card strewn everywhere and download the Quizlet app instead. There are literally millions of flashcards on this app, all written by fellow students, on a range of different subjects. You can also make your own flashcards and share them with others if there’s something that’s not covered on there yet (although pretty much everything else). These flashcards let you add in text, images, and audio, so you can study the way you want.

Dragon Dictation

There is only so much we humans can type without getting repetitive strain injury. Right?! If you have a ton of hand-written notes to type up or don’t want to make notes during your next lecture, you need to download Dragon Dictation. This clever app converts everything you say into it to text, which you can then copy and paste into your word processor of choice. If you want to feel like a journalist (or spy), pacing your dorm room, dictating your essay, then you can. This is a super smart choice for those who have difficulty with spelling too.

Google Drive

Do you know what a student’s worst nightmare is? Being halfway through a huge essay and your computer dying before you saved it. Now you have to start all over again… Unless you use Google Drive! Forget Microsoft Office, that’s so 2010. Instead, use Google Drive for all of your documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. It’s all stored in the cloud (which means no lost work), and you don’t have to pay anything for it either – unless you need extra storage. As it’s connected to Google, you’ll find that it picks up on some spelling and grammar issues that other word processors might not as well. Plus, you can store pretty much anything in your Google Drive, and it syncs with your phone, tablet, and computer.

How many of these apps do you already have? If you’re missing any, then you’re definitely going to want to download them! Trust us, these apps will make your student life so much easier. Happy apping!