Why college is the best thing for a vegetarian

Whether you are a vegetarian because of animal rights, the environment, or just a dislike of meat, you are likely to encounter a lot of different reactions from those around you. In your small hometown it can be pretty frustrating but being a vegetarian at college is a whole lot easier, and here are some reasons why.

The people

One of the best things about college is the people. Generally speaking, college students tend to be pretty progressive, and as such, you are more likely to be accepted as a vegetarian. In fact, you might find a whole load of new vegetarian friends while you are there. Rather than people asking you why you are a vegetarian, in college, you will likely find that a lot of people ask you how they could do it too. For some people, going to college might be their first opportunity to try a vegetarian lifestyle, and so you could end up being a mentor for these new veggies!

Dining hall options

Food services at college know that they are catering to people from all over the country (and beyond!), who will all have different dietary requirements, restrictions, and preferences. There will be options available for vegans and vegetarians for each meal at each outlet on campus, so you never have to worry about being a burden to someone.

The freedom of buying your own food

When you live under your parent’s roof, you may be restricted by eating what they are willing to buy. When you live away from home at college, you have the new found freedom to do your own grocery shopping. This will allow you to try new things that you might not otherwise have gotten to experience.

Why college is the best thing for a vegetarian

Vegetarian restaurants

Your family might not understand your vegetarianism and so may not consider this when looking at places to go out to eat. When you are at college, you are able to research different vegetarian restaurants and cafes and try them all! College towns are more likely to cater for vegetarian diets than smaller towns, and so options will be more varied than you may be used to.

Managing your money

As a college student, you certainly won’t have an abundance of money, and managing your money is a learning curve, especially when it comes to food. Although you might be used to a certain lifestyle living at home, there will be some changes that you’ll have to make when you move to college, so you will have to learn how to be thrifty while you feed yourself. It’s a great challenge to learn to eat well on a budget, and an added bonus of being a vegetarian is that meat tends to be the expensive part of a meal so saving money will be much easier!

Why college is the best thing for a vegetarian

Being vegetarian is excellent for your health, animal welfare, and the environment. It is not always easy, but chances are in college it is a lifestyle that will be more widely accepted and will give you even more freedom to explore. College is the perfect place to be vegetarian so pack up your potatoes and apply to college.