How to plan your winter break

A month to your own devices after the gruelling first semester finals is exactly the thing you need to put your life back in order and recharge before the second semester rolls around. After the frustrations of the first semester, you might be tempted to lay around all break and get some well-earned relaxation. While catching up on your sleep may be important, overdoing it will leave you feeling dissatisfied at the end of the break.

Getting involved in some activities will enrich your short break and prepare you better for the next half of the school year. With no educational obligations in your hands, it’s time to dive into the things that you love and enjoy doing. Use this time to further your growth as an adult.

Here are some ways you can plan your college winter break to make it as productive as possible.

Catch up with friends

When you started college, you probably got separated from many of the friends you made in high school. Winter break is the perfect chance to get together and catch up with each other. Talk about the good old days and share your new college experiences.

Visit family

Use this break to spend as much time with family as possible. Bond with your parents and siblings and visit with cousins and grandparents. These college breaks might be the last opportunity you have to spend adequate time with them, since once you graduate your career will probably take over your life and your time.


The world is always in need of people willing to volunteer for honorable causes. Giving back to the community and helping the needy will not just improve someone else’s life but will also leave you feeling good. Children’s homes, hospitals, and animal shelters are examples of some places you can lend your help.

Update your resume

With all the free time in your hands, this is a great time to revisit your resume and update it. Add any new information and experiences that you have gained since the last time you updated. Having an up-to-date resume on hand will keep you prepared for any opportunities that might come your way.

Develop your skills or learn new ones

Course books aside, it’s now time to hone those skills that will get you from one day to the next. Learning how to cook or bake is one way to spend your winter break.

Apply for scholarships and internships

Take some time to widen your search for scholarships and internship opportunities. A few hours per week devoted to this might just land you financial funding for your college education.


Adopt a regular exercise routine for the period of the break. This will keep you healthy in the middle of binge-eating courtesy of holiday spirit and spending an entire day on the couch catching up to your favorite TV shows.

Clean, declutter and clear your living space

Winter break is the ideal time to go through your closet and get rid of clothes and shoes you no longer need. Clean up and dust every last corner of your room. Staying active during your winter break will leave you feeling fulfilled, happier, and ready to take on the second semester.