Products that students wish they had

As a student, it’s pretty clear money is going to be tight, and you may not be able to get everything you would like. But, you’ll be surprised by how far you can stretch your dollars these days, and there are some really cool things out there that students can get hold of. There are some really awesome gadgets and gizmos these days that all students will be wanting to get their hands on.

These are products you wish you had, and some of them you will be able to have (others will be out of reach). But, all of them would be the ideal way of improving your time as a student, and maybe even impressing your fellow students for good measure. Check out some of these stunning products that made us green with envy!


Now, granted, this is niche, but it’s just so darn cool that we had to include it on the list! If you are going to be taking a lot of geography field trips or heading to Glastonbury each summer, this is definitely the gadget you want! The LifeStraw actually filters muddy water and makes it come out clean – so you could drink out of a muddy puddle, and taste cool, refreshing clean goodness. Filtering out 99.9% of bacteria, this is the most useful camping/hiking tool you never knew you needed, well, until now!

Amazon Fire TV Stick

Now, we would have liked to have had Apple TV on here, but it costs more, it’s larger, and we don’t quite dig it as much. The Amazon Fire TV Stick is going to revolutionize the future of student entertainment. No longer are you reduced to having to rely on catch up TV through your laptop, or borrow downloads from your buddies. Plug in this USB sized stick of delight, and you’re good to go! Amazon Prime, as well as a host of other channels, right at your fingertips. The Fire Stick is an absolute must for students across the world – invest now!

Flash Drive Keychain

This gadget is absolutely essential for computer science majors, as well as anyone who’s going to be doing a lot of working and storing a lot of data. Eventually you’re probably going to wind up running out of data, especially if you’re using notebooks. The flash drive keychain is the ideal way of getting more storage space and is perfect for emergency situations. Save yourself stress and worry by keeping one of these bad boys close to hand.

Bluetooth coffee maker

Coffee is one of the most important things for a student, and caffeine can help you through more essays than you’d like to imagine! That’s why you’ve got to make sure you always have access to the black stuff! Calling all java junkies – get a load of this awesome Bluetooth coffeemaker. You can set your coffee machine to come on without even having to get out of bed! Once
you hear the machine beep to tell you it’s ready, you can dive out and pour yourself a mug.

No student can go without these awesome gadgets and products. There are plenty more as well, but we picked a few of our favorites, as well as things that we think are absolutely crucial to student life as a whole. We guarantee your life will feel enriched and improved by making use of these awesome products, so try to get as many of them as you can.