Staying healthy throughout college

With the end of each semester comes a huge sigh of relief and a sense of freedom that you don’t feel in many other situations life throws at you, so we understand that you want to make the most out of your free time.

A price that comes with the end of the semester is the break in all of your healthy habits, your gym routine takes a back seat to all of the parties, and you begin to have icecream for breakfast instead of that super green smoothie you once swore by. Exams and finals can also see a break in your happy and healthy routine, so it is wise to address some problems that could mean your health has to suffer when there is no reason why it has to that way!

Balancing things out

Remember without your good health, all of those future career choices won’t happen, and you need to stay healthy to perform at your mental and physical peak. Keeping your body strong means you can be prepared to deal with all of the stress that college life may throw at you.

Sometimes it may feel like if you focus 100% on one thing, then you will have more chance of succeeding in that area. However, this is not always true. If you are trying to study 10-12 hours a day and feel exhausted, why not try lowering the study hours back down to 8 and giving yourself a couple of hours each day to exercise or eat healthily. Better yet, give yourself time to do both.

8 hours of quality studying is going to much better than driving yourself mad with 12 hours a day, which will lead to a lack of focus and ultimately end up with you not taking in all of the information you are trying to revise.

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Staying healthy throughout college

Keep exercise in mind

When you do exercise, use that time to focus solely on the task at hand and implement the mind and body connection. This is not as cheesy as it sounds and the release of endorphins from exercise will boost your mood significantly.

People who exercise also sleep much better at night, so you will wake up feeling fresh each morning and will have a better memory for your studies. Exercise improves cognitive ability and allows you to soak up information, processing it efficiently in your sleeping hours.

Find inspiration

Join an online fitness community for support or go and get your buddy to train with you, just find something that suits you and makes exercise and sports more enjoyable all around. Don’t let exercise stress you out, it is your friend and is there to keep you healthy and act as your number one, natural and free de-stressor!

You possess the skills required to be successful in college, and you can get the results you want for your plans, just believe that you can and be prepared to put in the effort. So many others are doing it so why can’t you? Go get it.

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Staying healthy throughout college