Best majors for people who are the creative type

Choosing a major can be tricky business, especially as it feels like it’s going to impact the rest of your life. Well, thankfully, there are some tips and tricks when it comes to picking the right major for you, and it starts with playing to your strengths. If you’re a creative person, these majors may be the best ones for you to consider.


Graphic Design / Art

Creativity comes in different forms, and if you love drawing and creating pictures, then it’s worth building upon that and majoring in graphic design. While it is every artist’s dream to be able to commission their original work, often that comes with time, and it can be important to gain the skills for a salaried day job. You could even going freelance if you really want to! Graphic design is a way for you to do something you love and keep your skills up-to-date. There are a whole variety of graphic design jobs, from online marketing to comic book covers.

Web Design

Being creative doesn’t mean you don’t have other brilliant skills you can put to good use. The best part about web design is that you get to be creative and you’ll be in high demand; with the increase of online and social media more and more people are owning their own websites but haven’t got the creative mind to design it to look how they want. So, majoring in web design is excellent because it helps develop other, useful, skills while allowing you to put your creative mind to good use.


If you’re a creative who loves to design, then you can make your mark in the world by being the creative mind behind the design and creation of buildings, and maybe one day you’ll be designing important buildings used by powerful people. Architecture is a well-respected major and is a brilliant way of letting your creativity out. It takes a lot more than just creativity; architecture isn’t an easy ride so you’ll have to do a bit of research before committing many years to this craft.

Creative Writing

Of course, creative writing would be on this list. If you’re a creative and a keen wordsmith, then creative writing could be for you. It’s a very specific major and one that generally would be undertaken by aspiring writers of some discipline. Creative writing can be anything, and you will learn a variety of analytical skills that are widely respected and highly transferable.


Arts Education

The arts are a broad range of topics, and if you want to spend your life learning, researching and teaching your passions, then majoring in literature and arts education will help you to do just that. Many people use it as a way of continually learning new things while being paid and allowing them to develop and create within their own field.

Everyone’s creativity manifests differently, some people choose to stay in education and develop for as long as they can, and others try and take the plunge by going out there and becoming employed. No matter what you do, all you need to remember is to stick with what you’re doing and do it well. Creativity isn’t about being kept in a box, so it’s worth keeping an open mind when choosing your major.