These are the best schools if you love sports

You want to pursue your dream of becoming the next top sports star, but you’re still in high school and haven’t chosen your college yet. It can be crucial you choose the right school to give you the best chance of making your dream become a reality, so we’ve found some of the best to attend if sports is your passion.

University of Notre Dame

With a record of 11 national championships, athletes at Notre Dame are expected to perform each and every time they wear their school’s colors. Notre Dame can boast 50 alumni across all major professional sports leagues in America. You’ll have to put in the hard work, but you’ll be helped by passionate fans, and if you give it your all, you have a great chance of succeeding at Notre Dame.

These are the best schools if you love sports

Duke University

If you’re into playing or watching sport, then you’ll love going to college at Duke University. They have some of the most passionate fans, and they have been known to camp out for weeks trying to get tickets for basketball games. Duke have won two basketball championships since 2010, and while you might not make it as a pro yourself playing here, you’ll have a blast supporting the team regardless.

University of Michigan

Attracting crowds of over 100,000 to their football games on a regular basis means the University of Michigan must be doing something right with its sports program. In the last four years, there have been 24 alumni from Michigan to compete at the Olympics, and the college has won a total of 54 conference championships over the last decade. If you want to study sports here, around 80 percent of students in the sports program graduate from Michigan.

Stanford University

One of the most successful colleges in collegiate sports is Stanford University. They have won 107 NCAA national championships and are specialists when it comes to tennis and swimming. Between them, the athletes at Stanford have won a total of 465 NCAA individual championships, placing them almost 100 victories above their closest college. Not only are they an exceptional school for sports, but US News ranked Stanford as the 4th best national university. On the past four U. S. Olympic teams, 47 Olympians came from Stanford University.

These are the best schools if you love sports

University of Virginia

Sports fans will love attending the University of Virginia, not only to follow their incredibly successful sports teams, but to get involved themselves. There are a total of 56 different sports on offer for students at Virginia to enjoy, while the college has won 51 conference championships over the past 10 years. Sports are serious business at the University of Virginia, and they even have a $12 million squash playing facility. Women’s lacrosse and men’s soccer are the most successful sports per gender, and they have high-quality facilities for all athletic activities.

Some people chose a school for its academic success, the party atmosphere but others want to go to a school where the sport is amazing. These colleges are ranked as some of the best for sports in America.