Everything you wanted to know about getting a double major

Getting a double major in college means that you’ll be completing two college degrees simultaneously. While doing a single major is the more common practice among students, there are reasons that might encourage you to consider a double major. A double major is ideal if you’re interested in two subject areas and do not want to leave one out. It is also a good opportunity to expand your skill set, something that will give you an edge in the job market.

Before making that decision, here are a few things you have to know about what comes with getting a double major.

A double major means double work

The first thing that comes with getting a double major at college is the promise of more work than you would have in a single major. This is because to get two degrees, you’ll need to complete more credits. You’ll have more classes each semester to achieve this, which translates to a larger work load, more assignments, projects, exams, and a very tight class schedule. This load will be eased if your two majors involve subjects that complement each other. Being correlated, you’ll be able to use material from one major in the other. Choosing subjects that have practically nothing common might not be such a good idea, unless you’re absolutely sure of your ability to handle both.

Everything you wanted to know about getting a double major

Tighter schedule

Taking a double major means you’ll have a tight schedule for classes and tests throughout the semester. This leaves you with less time to get involved in activities outside academics. You might not have as many chances to explore your interests, hobbies, or savoring the campus life experience as your peers.

More networking opportunities

Tackling two subject areas at the same time means you’ll be exposed to twice as many connections in the involved disciplines. Starting with social and professional relationships from both majors, you’ll have better chances of getting an entry-level job after graduation. Making the most of this networking is a great opportunity to make up for all the extra-curricular activities you’re bound to miss.

Enhanced employability

Companies and organizations are always on the lookout for employees who can bring as many skills as possible to the table. Two majors are a sure way of getting exposed to different skills required in different industries. This gives you an edge over peers who took a single major, increasing your chances of bagging the job.

Everything you wanted to know about getting a double major

More years in college

While you might be able to squeeze in all your work in a four-year plan, there is also a chance that you’ll need another year to complete all required credits. You might even need to take summer classes to keep you on track. Be ready to make this sacrifice with your eyes set on the benefits that come with getting a double major.

Being well prepared and organized is the key in successfully completing your two degrees with high grades. Failing to plan adequately will leave you with two low graded transcripts that might not be of much help in the job market.