Why you should get an English degree

There have been a lot of misconceptions about choosing to major in English. You might have mentioned your intention of getting an English degree and received negativity from all directions. Some of the misconceptions surrounding this degree are that there are no jobs available, and that there is no way to make money with such a degree.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. There are many naysayers out there who might lead you off course if you’re not aware of exactly what an English degree has to offer. Contrary to what the stereotypes say, an English degree does have plenty of opportunities to offer your future life. Here’s why you should block out the haters and go get your English degree.

Limitless career options

It is ironic that some people use the “no jobs” point in negating the English degree, given that there is actually an endless list of career paths you can take, thanks to your degree. To name a few, you can get a job in teaching, writing, library science, marketing, copywriting, editing, freelancing, publishing, social media, and grant writing. These barely scratch the surface of what you can do with your English degree.

Why you should get an English degree

Extensive skills

Throughout their course of study, English majors learn a lot of skills that equip them to thrive in almost any subject discipline or career. Communication skills top this list. By the end of your degree you’ll be able to communicate fluently on different levels. Skills in obtaining information, deciphering it, and writing are also included. With employers looking for employees with as many workplace skills as possible, your English degree will put you in a favorable position.

Opportunities to travel the world

With the English language being used throughout the world, your English degree will put the world in the palm of your hands. At a time when non-anglophone countries are trying to get in sync with the rest of the world, your English skills will be on high demand. Travel the world while you teach English as a second language to students across the globe and help globalize the language. Who said there are no jobs or money for English majors again?

A gateway to grad school

With an undergraduate degree in English, you can go ahead to attain a Master’s degree and PhD. This does not have to be in English, but can be in any other field you can think of. Law and business are just two of the graduate programs you can take. The skills you learned in the English undergraduate program will prove very useful here.

Why you should get an English degree

Novels not course books

One fun fact about majoring in English is the fact that novels will be your, well, course books. That’s right – you’ll get to immerse yourself in great works from notable writers throughout the history of fiction and nonfiction writing. This is a win-win situation if you’re passionate about reading. Classes get more exciting as students and professors engage in deep discussions on these works.

Double major

Most English departments offer a number of dual honors degrees. This means you can easily pursue another area of passion while taking your English degree. Two birds, one stone.

Do not let an under-informed individual get in the way of your success. Go for that degree at all costs and open yourself to a world of possibilities.