This college student emailed 247 Nicoles in search of the Nicole of his dreams

Have you ever met someone at a college party or in the library and just knew that there was something there? Perhaps it was the way they were dancing like nobody was watching, or maybe it was because you both went to grab the same hardback on Renaissance literature. Well, one college student knew that he had something special with a girl named Nicole, but he soon realized that he couldn’t get ahold of her. In the end, he decided there was only one way to find the Nicole of his dreams…

The woman of his dreams

In December 2018, a University of Calgary student by the name of Carlos Zetina met the woman of his dreams. Her name was Nicole, but that’s all the information he had about her. While he knew that she was an exchange student from Holland, he couldn’t remember her surname and soon discovered that she had written her number down wrong. Carlos couldn’t bear the thought of not seeing the transfer student again, so he put his plan into action.

A long list of Nicole’s

Like most universities, the University of Calgary allows students their own emails and their own means of communication. Because he was desperate to see Nicole again, he knew that the only way to get into contact with her was to find every single Nicole on campus and go through the process of elimination. However, he wasn’t going to stop there. Carlos had no idea if she went by another name or variation of Nicole, so he couldn’t be too careful. He had to make sure every eventuality was covered.

All 247 of them

While searching for Nicoles, Nicolettes, and Nikkis, Carlos found 247 women with these names. These were students and professors, but Carlos knew that he had to pull out all of the stops. Even if he couldn’t find the right Nicole, he hoped that someone on the list would know her. With all of the names collected, he sent out a mass email. He wrote: “If your name is Nicole and you’re from Holland, and you think Nietzsche is depressing then text me… I’m Carlos btw I’m the guy who took you and your friend home last night.”

An incredible response

The Nicoles who received the emails were bemused by the mass email, and they decided to talk amongst themselves about the matter. Before too long, they realized that they shared an incredible bond, and they decided to make something of it. They went out for dinner, they hung out as a group, and they even made a Facebook page for themselves called “Nicole From Last Night.” There was only one problem with Carlos’s plan. Because his Nicole was an exchange student, she didn’t have a college email. His email hadn’t reached her, but word soon spread, and the real Nicole was found.

When she heard of the efforts Carlos went to to find her, Nicole was overwhelmed. She decided to give him a chance, and it’s believed they’re now planning another date…