Know the difference between your major and your skills in a job search

Choosing your major is one of the biggest decisions you’re going to need to make when you join a college. Picking the right major is crucial for the future, and for making sure you enjoy and get the most out of your course. You’re going to be studying for at least three years, so you have to make sure you choose the right subject to major in. But, you also have to remember how this relates to your job search.

When you are looking for work, you need to understand the difference between your major and your skills. These two things are not exactly the same, but you need to know the difference because it’s important when it comes to finding your ideal job or career path. These are the key differences between skills and your college major.


A college major is a group of courses your college puts together that you study as part of your overall course. You have to study your major in order to pass your degree and get yourself ready for the working world. Choosing the right major is actually perhaps the most important pre-college decision you can actually make. This will affect the future direction of your life, that’s how important it is. If you feel dissatisfied with your major fairly early on, you need to make sure you change, because it can change the very course of your life.


Your skills are not specific to your particular degree; instead, they are just general skills and abilities that you possess. Some skills are inherited, while others can be learned and developed over time. It’s important to use the skills you have to try to help you secure the best possible job you can get. Skills are things you are good at and have a natural ability for, and they play a big role in your life. As we get older, we gain experience, and we pick up new skills as we go along. There are always opportunities to learn new skills and try to improve your chances of being successful in multiple areas of your life.

Transferable skills

Now, just because there is a difference between your major and your general skills, doesn’t mean that there are no similarities. In fact, there are plenty of skills that are transferrable and can be used for both. Yes, you should and could choose a major based on your skills. And yes, you could choose a major because it will help you to acquire new skills. So, imagine you’re looking to go into a job role that doesn’t necessarily link to your major. This is where your transferrable skills come to the forefront. For example, things like research, problem-solving, time-management, and critical thinking are all essential skills that you will need for any job or career search.

Knowing the difference between your major and the skills you have developed over time is essential for the future. You have to make sure you can tell the difference, and that you look for skills that are transferrable and can be combined to find you the best possible job. There are so many wonderful skills that you will pick up over time, and the courses and classes you take as part of your major will allow you to develop even more still.