Pros and cons of living with your parents as a student

Heading off to college is a chance for many of us to gain our experience. Would you believe that there could be some advantages to staying at home instead? That’s right; there are several pros and cons of living with your parents as a student.

You have more time

It can seem pretty daunting to head off to college and suddenly be faced with deciding what we want to do with the rest of our lives. However, staying at home could cut us a little more time. With fewer distractions and the comforts of our house around us, we might find ourselves in a better situation to make decisions and think about the future.

Pros and cons of living with your parents as a student

You can become comfortable

Sure, living with our parents as a student could mean we’re treated to cooked meals and our laundry getting done for us, but it might be easy to fall into the trap of becoming too comfortable. Moving out means we’re forced to take care of ourselves. However, living at home means that we might not have to learn how to look after ourselves and learn valuable life skills just yet.

You could save money

Of course, one of the biggest draws for many students to carry on living with their parents is that they often have a ton of money as a result. As well as avoiding expensive rental charges, living at home means it’s likely you’ll have some of your food bill covered as well as save money on items such as toiletries and cleaning products. These little costs can soon all add up.

You might be further behind your peers

Many students race to find their independence as they move out of the family home and head off to college. Staying with your parents means that you could be a little further behind everyone else by the time it comes to spreading your wings and moving out. After all, other students could already have years of experience shopping for themselves and paying bills by the time you’re packing your boxes.

Pros and cons of living with your parents as a student

You can focus on studies

Being at college can be a great way to make new friends. However, it can be tough to say no to those friends when they want to head out yet again, or find a way to get away from those dorm room pranks and late-night shenanigans. This can make it tough to focus on our studies and could cost us valuable grades in the long run. Thankfully, these kinds of distractions don’t usually exist when we live with our parents.

You may feel more homesick

Moving out can be tough for many of us as we say “goodbye” to the family home and have to welcome new surroundings with strangers in places that we don’t know. Although we might feel homesick to start, this feeling usually goes away. Sadly, this is a feeling that only gets harder to overcome the longer we leave it. Sometimes, we need to rip off the bandaid and move out while we have a distraction.

There are many pros and cons of living with your parents as a student. It might be time to take a look at our plan and think about what suits our lifestyle the best before jumping into making any decisions.