Fastweb counts down the 5 largest college football stadiums

In many ways, college football is more popular than the NFL. The attendances are greater, and it’s arguably where the most exciting football is found anywhere in the world. To give these upcoming athletes a taste of the big leagues, their colleges provide huge stadiums for them to play, and most are actually bigger than NFL stadiums. We’re taking a look at the five largest college football stadiums.

Bryant–Denny Stadium – 101,821

What started out as a humble place to watch football has grown into one of the biggest sports stadiums in the world. 101,821 fans can pile into the Bryant-Denny Stadium to watch the University of Alabama take on the rest of the country. It’s home to the Crimson Tide where the fans have grown very used to seeing their team win in recent seasons. The Crimson Tide have made the playoffs five years in a row and have claimed a total of 17 national titles.


Ohio Stadium – 102,329

Ohio Stadium, better known as the “Horseshoe Stadium” is home to Ohio State, where the Buckeyes entertain 102,329 fans at full capacity. The Buckeyes are always in the playoff conversation and won a national championship as recently as 2014. The stadium received a boost in 2018 when it underwent renovations to increase the capacity, making it the fourth largest college football stadium.

Neyland Stadium – 102,455

Home to the Tennessee Volunteers, Neyland Stadium is one of the most colorful in the country when all 102,455 fans are packed into their seats. The venue is so impressive that the NFL often uses this arena to play exhibition games at, to cram in as many fans as possible.

Although the Volunteers haven’t tasted national success in several decades, their fans always turn up, making Neyland Stadium one of the hardest places for any visiting team to play in. The Volunteers are third in all-time bowl appearances, so their fans know they’re always going to go far each season, even if they don’t win a championship.

Beaver Stadium – 106,572

The Penn State Nittany Lions play their Big Ten Conference games at Beaver Stadium in front of 106,572 passionate fans. Visiting athletes to Penn State often struggle to make an impact, and Beaver Stadium has been recognized as one of the toughest places for any team to go. Perhaps that’s thanks to the student section from Penn State, who are often identified as the best fans in the country.


Michigan Stadium – 109,901

The largest stadium in college football is Michigan Stadium. It holds a grand total of 109,901 fans and is actually the largest stadium in the United States and the second largest in the world. The Wolverines play their games here and since 1975 more than 100,000 fans have packed into the stadium for every single game.

These are the biggest college football stadiums across the United States. They regularly host over 100,000 fans, all doing their best to cheer their teams on to glory, not just for them, but for their schools.