Best film schools in the US

If you fancy being one of the cinematic pros of all time, you definitely would like to go to some of the best film schools in the US. The US boasts a number of top film schools that you can enroll in and build a lasting film career. These are schools that have produced top film industry personalities from film writers, producers, directors, actors and actresses among many other film making personalities in Hollywood. These are the kind of schools any aspiring film personality would like to be associated with. What makes such film schools stand out is their state-of-the-art VR labs, their general reputation and having produced some of the best film personalities in the film industry. This guide has highlighted some of the best film schools that anyone would like to be associated with should they make a decision to pursue film as a career. Here they are:

USC School of Cinematic Arts

Based in Los Angeles, University of Southern California happens to be one of the most prolific film schools to exist. They have modern VR labs, Video games design programs, animation creation programs and anything else pertaining film making. It boasts alumni like Shonda Rhimes who happens to be a prolific film writer and Television producer and the late John Singleton who was a famous film director. The tuition fee is $50,010 annually.

Best film schools in the US

American Film Institute

This film school is also based in Los Angeles. It offers degrees in screenwriting, film directing, production design and cinematography among others. It has produced remarkable film personalities who have been nominated for Academy Awards in the past. The tuition fee ranges from $90,000.

Ringling College of Art and Design

This film school offers programs like Creative Writing, Graphic Design, Illustration, Bachelors of Fine Arts in Computer Animation, and Motion Design among others. It has become an accomplished film school for animators. The tuition fee goes for $40,556.

New York University in New York

This is the film school that has produced film directors like Cathy Yan. It’s a good school for cinematography and film directing among other film related degrees. If you are considering starting out in the arts career, you should put this school up for consideration. The tuition fee is $47,750.

California Institute of the Arts

For visual and performing arts programs, this is the kind of film school you should enroll in. They are the facilitators of award winning films like Hotel Transylvania 3 and Incredibles 2. Their alumni are names like Brenda Chapman and James Mangold. They offer animation and film & video BFAs and MFAs with tuition fee that ranges from $43,986.

Best film schools in the US

University of Texas, Austin

If you are looking for a film school with a motion-capture studio that has stereoscopic cameras of 360 degree range, this is the kind of school you should associate yourself with. They have different tuition fees on classification of in-state and out-of-state basis for both undergraduates and graduates options. Their alumni include film personalities like Riverdale writer Britta Lundin and Matthew McConaughey.

These film schools have proven to produce some of the best filmmakers in the world, so if your are considering a career in film – these are the places to go to. And who knows, maybe you are the next Martin Scorsese.